Enceph UK

A 5 year Programme Grant on Understanding and Improving the Outcome of Encephalitis, NIHR funded (lead Professor Tom Solomon).

For further information please visit: www.encephuk.org

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Patients Recruited

Key Contacts

Role Name Email Telephone
Clinical Research Fellow Dr Sylviane Defres sdefres@liv.ac.uk 0151 795 9600
Programme Manager Hayley Jelleyman h.e.jelleyman@liverpool.ac.uk 0151 795 9672
Data Manager Chloe Smith chloe.smith@liverpool.ac.uk 0151 795 9649

> Measles induced encephalitis
> Management of acute confusion in patients with CNS infections
> Seizures and encephalitis: clinical features, management, and potential pathophysiologic mechanisms
> Lumbar puncture: diagnosing acute central nervous system infections.
> Management of suspected viral encephalitis in adults - Association of British Neurologists and British Infection Association National Guideline